Current Class Organisation

We currently have three classes in our school. However, we believe that it is important that the children know all members of staff well. We also know that teaching our own strengths across the school has a very positive impact on learning. In order that this can happen, we plan our timetable so that each teacher has some sessions with each class at some point in the school year. We have a team of skilled teaching assistants and administrative staff who work in school in a variety of roles. For details of school staff, see the staff page on our website. 

Class 1 – Currently Nursery, Reception and Year 1 

Children are admitted to the Early Years Class the term after their third birthday. We try to visit the children at home before they start and we also arrange for them to spend a couple of sessions in school as a visitor as part of their induction. Please note that being part of our Nursery does not guarantee a place when it comes to applying at statutory school age (i.e. Reception children). The Local Authority and Diocesan Admission policy is very clear and has criteria for allocating school places. Parents/carers need to apply for a place in Reception at their school of choice online (the Cumbria County Council website has a link and it can be seen on the right of the page). Sessions for Nursery age children are daily and we offer 30 hours of child care. For more information, please see the Nursery page. Reception and Year 1 children, when staying all day, are collected from the playground at the back of school. The class has its own fenced outdoor play area and its own little gate into our school wildlife area. Outdoor activities are part of our regular provision and we ask you to bring a pair of wellies for the children to use at school for when we are outside. We provide waterproof trousers and jackets if children don’t have their own. Leeanne Parkin is the lead teacher for the Early Years but Class 1 is currently taught by Mrs. Louisa Nulty. 

Class 2 – Currently Years 2,  Year 3 and Year 4

This class is taught by Mrs. Felicity Booth who is currently covering Leeanne Parkin's maternity leave. The class is taught in flexible groups depending on the needs of the children and the learning activity.

Class 3 – Currently Years 4, 5 and 6

Megan Martin mostly teaches this class. Again, the children are taught in flexible groups according to their needs or the learning activity. We encourage the children to take on more responsibility as they get older and the oldest children lead some enterprise activities and decide how to spend the profits.