Our School Day

The School Day School starts at 9:00am

The doors are open from 8:40am, when the school bus arrives (which is met by a member of staff) – unless your child is attending Breakfast Club. You are very welcome to bring your children in from 8:40am and to help them settle ready to start the day.

Morning break is around 10:40am

The children have a snack of fruit or vegetables, which is provided by the National Fruit Scheme, before break. School subsidises the scheme so that all children have a snack. They can also have a drink of milk. We actively encourage children to drink water when they are thirsty and the children have access to water at all times. We share snack together on Mondays as a whole school in the hall after assembly and the remaining days of the week snack is organised in classrooms. A bell rings 2 minutes before the end of break to indicate 

Lunch is between 12:00pm and 1:00pm

Lunch School meals are currently free for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. For Nursery, Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6 children meals cost £2.50 a day (unless your child is entitled to benefit related free school meals). Children can bring a healthy packed lunch (we ask you not to include sweets or fizzy drinks please), or they can opt for a school meal which is cooked at Langwathby School and brought to us to be served by Wendy. The hot meals run on a four-week rota, which is up in the hall, with an alternative choice each day of a jacket potato or a roll/sandwich with a variety of fillings. The cook works hard to organise menus that are healthy, home cooked where possible, and which appeal to the children. We do send out the four-week rota when we receive them, however, these can be subject to change with little notice. Your child can have dinner every day, or just now and then. Dinners are ordered by us on a daily basis first thing in the morning when we do the register.  Class 1 – Children’s parents must indicate on our meals order sheet (in the hall, next to the menus) if their child would like an alternative to the main choice meal. Parents of children who come by bus need to phone us with this information and we will enter it on the order sheet for you. Class 2 & 3 – Children are responsible for making the decision themselves but only get to choose an alternative to the main choice meal twice a week which means they need to check the board themselves (with support from us if needed). We ask that you pay a week in advance, which is £12.50, or we can bill you for half a term. We can order a school meal at short notice if you should ever need us to and parents and grandparents can book to have lunch with us – just let us know on the day.

Afternoon break is around 2:15pm

Key Stage 2 children often have extra study time during this break.

Home time is at 3.15pm

We ask parents to wait in the playground behind school and the children will leave through the Class 1 outside door when a member of staff has seen the adult designated to collect them. Children going home on the bus are taken by a member of staff and seen safely on to the bus. Please let us know in the morning or by phone if there is a change to the usual collecting arrangements for your child as we cannot let a child go home with someone else unless we have been asked to do so by their parent or carer, even if the other person is known to us. If you need to pick up your child at some point during the day other than home time, please come to the front door and we will bring your child to you.