Our Curriculum

Our three year rolling programme of topics has been developed with the children. It is based on areas of interest and a desire to balance the learning focus across the year. Even though we know it is essential for the children to progress in the academic subjects, it is essential that our curriculum is suitable for all learners with a balance between the academic and personal/physical/emotional development. 

The rolling programme allows us to cover both statutory and chosen learning in a flexible way which is both exciting and appropriate for the children in our school. The programme is reviewed regularly. We design learning experience that excite, hook and engage our children therefore we are adaptable and the skills taught are based around the children's understanding and likes. The children steer our teaching and help plan learning at the beginning of each topic helping teaches plan how to teach the skills. 

We believe it is important to develop a growth mind-set where the children are resilient and have the skills to be independent in their learning. We are proud that our children like a challenge, solve problems, work hard, stay positive, don't give up, learn from mistakes and do their best. Our learning "Super Powers" are built into lessons and this is embedded in all that we do. This also links to our Golden Rules. We have a depth of learning with a focus of understanding, accuracy and fluency. 

We have ensured that our broad and balanced three year programme covers the 2014 National Curriculum. There will be some variance as we believe that current events, children's interest and unexpected excitements have to be included in our learning and teaching. 

We use Chris Quigley's Skills Based Curriculum where the progression of skills are key. Our curriculum is based on a 3 part process. This allows the children to  develop a greater understanding of skills and knowledge through a range of subjects, in all aspects of their learning. 

1. What do we want the children to Learn?

  • What have we got to teach?
  • What do we want to teach?

2. Why are we teaching it?

  • Which knowledge, skills and understanding will children learn?
  • At which National Curriculum level will the skills be taught?

3. How shall we teach it?

  • Create the right context for the children's learning.

                                                                                                    (Planning a Skills Based Curriculum, 2018, Chris Quigley)

We have four key 'Drivers' that drive our curriculum. These are embedded in every topic that we do as much as possible. They are

  • Outdoor Learning;
  • Communication and Collaboration;
  • Around the World News;
  • Sustaining our Environment.

These were decided by with staff and children upon discussions about what is important to the school and the children. 


In Maths, we follow the National Curriculum and loosely Collins' Busy Ants scheme of work. 

In Phonics we follow Letters and Sounds and we use pre-cursive handwriting across the school, starting in Class 1. 

We follow the LEA agreed RE syllabus but our Christian Ethos is key to everything that we do in school with daily collective worship led by different staff each day. 




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