Statement of Intent

Strategic intention 1

To provide high quality education for all children so that individuals develop as successful life-long learners, make good progress, enjoy their learning and are aware of their achievements and the next steps they need in order to improve.

Strategic intention 2

To provide a safe, happy and healthy environment in which children and adults are encouraged to be creative, confident and enquiring individuals in an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect and support.

Strategic intention 3

To build a strong relationship between the whole school and its local community, to learn about and appreciate our role as part of the national and global communities and to foster an understanding of the import ance of being a responsible citizen.

We are a church school and, as such, we work hard to remember what Jesus taught us so that we can learn, play, work and live together.  We want everyone at our school to feel happy, confident and safe.

We want learning to be fun and exciting and we want our teaching to inspire and encourage children and adults so that they enjoy their time at school.

We believe that everyone should get the help they need so that they can learn, grow and achieve as much as they possibly can.

We expect everyone to do their very best, to celebrate their own and other people’s achievements and to let their light shine to make the world a better place.

We believe that everyone should be treated equally, taking into account their age, ability and understanding and that everyone deserves respect.

We expect all the adults and children in our school community to follow our Golden Rules.