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Ofsted & SIAMS

Please see below for links to our most recent report which states:


"Pupils love their school. They see it as a friendly place where everyone is welcome. Pupils new to the school settle in quickly and soon make friends.


In the early years, children’s happy faces show how safe and secure they feel here. Parents and carers have plenty of positive things to say about the school. There are high expectations for pupils’ achievement, including for those with special educational needs and/or disabilities. Pupils work hard and listen attentively in lessons. Pupils have access to plenty of resources to help them with their learning, such as dictionaries, books and technology. However, they know that they can always ask their teachers for help if there is something that they do not understand.


In all year groups, pupils learn and achieve well. Pupils understand and follow the school’s rules and routines. Children in the early years share toys and resources and treat them carefully. Pupils walk sensibly from assembly back to their classrooms. Older pupils show care and consideration for younger ones when they share the playground at breaktimes. These attitudes help to make the school a calm and orderly place.


The amazing opportunities for pupils’ personal development bely the school’s small size. Pupils bubble with enthusiasm when they talk about the range of activities on offer. For example, they learn to sail, ride ponies and to take part in debates with other schools. Older pupils look forward excitedly to residential stays in this country and abroad. Pupils are exceptionally well prepared for life beyond their primary school.



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