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Phonics And Reading

Reading books:

We aim to read with each child at least three times a week in school. We expect children to read daily at home, we check reading records daily and the children are rewarded with a sticker on the chart every time they do read at home. Books are changed regularly by a member of staff in school. The children can choose a book from the correct colour band that matches their reading level ability. It is important that your child is reading at an appropriate level; we ensure this by setting book band levels that match the phonics teaching your child is receiving. We have purchased new books that link to our phonics scheme ‘Rocket Phonics’. When your child is ready to move up a book band they will do so with the support of a member of staff. Children in class 1 are also able to choose ‘a book for pleasure’ from our library. These books are to be enjoyed with a parent/career. We strongly believe in promoting ‘a love of reading’.


In KS2 many of the children are accessing ‘free reader’ books. They are encouraged to choose books of interest to them as we want them to continue ‘a love for reading’. We also have a range of fiction and non-fiction books available. For KS2 children who may be struggling or reluctant readers we have purchased books from our phonics scheme that are low level, high interest books. The ‘Astro’ books are fully decodable to support struggling readers. They come in a range of age-appropriate themes both fiction and non-fiction. KS2 children are also rewarded for daily reading.


Remember, there are other ways of practising reading rather than just books. Encourage your child to listen to audio books, read comics, play scripts, appropriate newspaper, online children’s news websites such as Newsround, poetry, recipe books etc. Children should be encouraged to read for pleasure. If there is a book that they are interested in, please read to them. Attached is a document of questions to help the comprehension skills of older children.



The teaching of systematic phonics is key to the development of reading skills. Children are expected to learn the sounds within words to help decode (read) them as well as learn common high frequency words. In Class 1, children are following the 'Rocket Phonics' system of learning sounds where sounds are taught in phases. Attached are Sound Mats from the scheme that are used in class. The sounds are taught in this order with the first sounds being S, A, T, I, P, N. Usually, the initial sounds in words are taught, then the final sounds. Children initially learn to spell CVC words (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant) words with these letters such as sat, nip, pin, sit etc. This is always done in fun and active ways writing their sounds in sand, foam, pencil, paint etc. We also use interactive stories and games online which link to our daily workbooks. The workbooks are child friendly, short and snappy activities which allow us to assess the children's understanding and aid in future planning.

Rocket Phonics - Guide for parents/careers