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Phonics And Reading

Reading Books

Younger children can pick a book from their classroom reading corner with their parents/carers. This can be changed whenever you need to by you and your child. Staff will support children who come by bus to do this. As they progress, they will be making their first reading books which are to keep and share at home. Once they are ready to move on to a reading book when they have learned all the sounds and some common words, the teacher will guide them and you as to which colour band they need to choose from. The readiness for this varies from child to child, so please trust us and we will let you know. You will be shown where the box of those books is and you can choose to change their book whenever you want. As before, we will support children who come by bus. As children get older and develop their reading skills they move through the colour bands under the guidance of their teacher. Older children should be changing and choosing books themselves. Books on the lower shelf are for use in school for our Guided Reading teaching sessions only. The children have a reading diary which we write in and we ask you to make a brief comment in there about your reading with your child at home. Older children are encouraged to make their own comments in the diary.


Remember, there are other ways of practising reading rather than just books. Encourage your child to listen to audio books, read comics, play scripts, appropriate newspaper, online children’s news websites such as newsround, poetry, recipe books etc. Children should be encouraged to read for pleasure. If there is a book that they are interested in, please read to them. Attached is a document of questions to help the comprehension skills of older children.



The teaching of systematic phonics is key to the development of reading skills. Children are expected to learn the sounds within words to help decode (read) them as well as learn common high frequency words. In Class 1, children are following the Letters and Sounds system of learning sounds where sounds are taught in phases. Attached are Sound Mats from Twinkl that are used in class. The sounds are taught in this order with the first sounds being S, A, T, N, I, P. Usually, the initial sounds in words are taught, then the final sounds. Children initially learn to spell CVC words (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant) words with these letters such as sat, nip, pin, sit etc. This is always done in fun and active ways writing their sounds in sand, foam, pencil, paint etc.