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Bright Stars Enterprise Project - winners!



Today Culgaith CE School found out that they were winners in the Bright Stars Enterprise competition. 


Bright Stars is an exciting collaboration between Centre for Leadership Performance, primary schools and local businesses across Cumbria that encourages leadership and responsible entrepreneurship from a young age and builds relationships between businesses and their local primary schools that benefit communities.

Bright Stars is a competition aimed at Primary school children across Cumbria. Each school is partnered with a local business and receives £50. The mission is to set up their own mini business over the course of eight weeks. This year’s objective was to:

To make a profit and make a difference – to follow the very
best examples of self-sustaining social enterprise.

Pupils were judged on the ideas to grow that money and ultimately make a difference to their world and the lives of people around them.


At Culgaith, the children paired with local charity Diff-ability run by Cristina Bowman. She helped pupils develop the project leading to a final event where the local community was invited to participate in ‘Bake for cake and run for run’ a bake-off and fun. 


The children raised £221 to split between school and Diff-ability. They plan to spend their money developing a peace garden in the school wild-life area. 


They won one of only 8 prizes given out in the final Bright Stars celebration out of 55 schools who participated. The prize was for the best communication strategy and children were presented with a cheque for £100 towards the Peace Garden. 


Teacher, Megan Ray was delighted with the children’s hard work on the project.


This is a picture of the children with business partner Cristina Bowman, in the wildlife area that they will develop into their Peace Garden.