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Wonderfully Made

(Psalm 139:14)




Our vision

At Culgaith C of E School we believe that we are all uniquely created individual parts of one body.

Our school is a place where we value the character of every child and strive for all to be ambitious for themselves and their world.


PSHE at Culgaith CE School



At Culgaith CE School we wish our pupils to be happy, confident and ambitious. We believe in pupil voice, courageous advocacy and children being able to impact the world around them. We value the well-being of our children in all that we do and put pupil welfare at the heart of our philosophy.



We teach an extensive programme of enriching activities and opportunities that help pupils to understand their value. Our programme promotes well-being, safety and good mental health for all pupils. We use a range of resources to promote this such as Kidsafe, NSPCC, National Online Safety and ClickView, among others.

We also provide a range of additional opportunities to promote good mental health such as Lego Therapy or mindfulness.

Lessons are delivered in a sensitive way and we respond to the needs of the pupils in our care.



Our pupils are listened to and are able to communicate well their needs. They are confident learners who understand the impact of their actions. They have a voice and are able to engage as school councillors, librarian and sports leaders for example.

Our pupils are well-behaved and respectful of each other; they understand each others challenges and differing levels of need. They are inclusive of one another and appreciate each other’s skills and talents.

Children are provided with the skills and knowledge they need to go on to succeed in Secondary school and beyond in life. They have high aspirations and ambition.