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Religious Education

At Culgaith School we have designed a rich and diverse RE curriculum which will ensure the children have a deep understanding of Christiain faith, and they will learn about the religions of the world in a respectful and engaging way. As a church school, we believe that RE and its teachings on diversity, empathy and kindness are an integral part of our ethos not just a stand alone lesson each week. We support our children to grow up to develop a strong moral code using Jesus’s teachings about having love for yourself and love for your neighbour.


The intent of our 3 year rolling programme is to ensure the children have a solid understanding of the Christian faith whilst dedicating time to other religions of the world including, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, touching on Buddhism and Sikhism. The curriculum has been designed so that in each unit of work teachers discuss similarities and differences between religions and their practices and beliefs solidifying the importance of respect.


We have used the assessment points from the Cumbria agreed syllabus to create end of key stage assessment grids for each individual child across our school. We feel this is a well rounded assessment covering; Know About and Understand, Express and Communicate and Employ and Gain skills giving a good picture of how their learning is progressing.


We teach the children through a varied curriculum including readings from Holy books, IT, book work, artefacts, practical drama and role play to ensure all learning styles are catered for, we feel that a repetitive approach building on previous learning supports the children to develop a rounded understanding.


As a church school, Christian principles and Jesus’s teachings are at the heart of our ethos and our approach to teaching and nurturing a love of learning, and we believe that we too, as adults, will develop and deepen our knowledge and own understanding.